The team

Surajit Sarkar
Surajit Sarkar is currently Associate Professor and Coordinator of the Centre for Community Knowledge at Ambedkar University Delhi. He is the current President of the Oral History Association of India (OHAI), Executive Member of the International Association of Agricultural Museums (AIMA) and is on the Public Advisory Board of the Society for Cultural Anthropology (USA).
Koyna Tomar
Koyna is a doctoral student in the History and Sociology of Science at University of Pennsylvania. Her research interests include the history of photography, anthropology and broader history of human sciences in modern South Asia. Koyna received the India Foundation for Arts fellowship to work with the centre’s visual collections. In addition to setting up the public archive and undertaking curatorial work during the course of the grant, she established a digital collection management system for the centre to use, potentially for all their digital collections.
Parul Malik
A postgraduate in English Literature with inclination towards Art and History, she dabbles between handling Theatre, Film and Exhibition productions. She has been engaged with the Centre of Community Knowledge for Archiving and Documentation of Oral Histories. Her major contribution has been in building the Delhi Visual Archive wherein she worked towards digitisation, metadata collection and curation of photographs of Delhi from 1880 to 1990’s. She has also assisted in dissemination of the archive with public exhibitions like Camera Dilli-Ka. Her other work engagements at the Centre have taken shape of The Neighbourhood Museum Project, The Dara Shukoh Festival and Dilli ki Kahaani Bachhon Ki Zubaani among other field research projects.
Vinitha Jayaprakasan
Vinitha currently works as a Research Assistant with Centre for Community Knowledge, handling metadata collection, digitisation and curation process of Delhi Visual Archive. She holds a Master’s degree in Sociology from Ambedkar University Delhi. Her research interest lies in the field of oral history and gender. Her previous engagement with the Centre includes research and curation of Neighbourhood Museum Project- Shadipur Shani Bazar. She has also worked as a Consultant for Breakthrough, a human rights organization working to end violence against women.
Website Development
SCG India
SCG India is technology consulting company with offices in New Delhi and Des Plaines, IL USA. We specialize in Open Source tools like WordPress, Magento, Collective Access and also build Social networks using Ning. We have developed custom database driven websites and underlying custom build content management system (CMS), Custom build shopping cart and product management system using myriad of technology like LAMP/.NET. We also work on mobile apps running on Android and iOS. For more details, please visit us at
Bhavya Kumar
Bhavya is pursuing her Master's degree in Design Research from NIFT Delhi, she’s interested in working with visual language in graphic design and branding strategy after her graduation. She has worked in developing visual identity and narratives as a designer and illustrator under art direction of various companies, designers, and independent entities. Her current focus lies in exploring transmedial narration, experience design, and illustrative arts. She has a keen interest in the areas of art and design history, visual cultures, and graphic narratology. Her work can be explored